Dr. Antonio M Wilson

An academic and author focused on Christian history and biblical interpretation, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson supports University of Oxford theology students by writing research reports on matters related to the interpretation of the apocalypse. Complementing his student-focused writing, he has contributed to books published by Oxford University Press and Global Book Publishing. In addition, through his Behind the Faith book series, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson provides nonbelievers and straying Christians with insight into scripture minus any religious dogma.

Dr. Antonio M. Wilson’s scholarly training in theology began at the University of Oxford’s St. Peters College, from which he earned his master of science in theology. Remaining at Oxford, he subsequently secured his doctorate in theology after writing a thesis on apocalyptic scripture.

Before turning his focus to the field of theology, Dr. Wilson attended National University, where he completed his bachelor of science in business management and airway science. Also a military veteran, he served for 12 years in the US Navy before receiving an honorable discharge.

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